Collection Management

Collection Management

About Collection Management

How to deal with an art collection that has become unmanageable? What is the added value of art within an organisation or public space? And how to decide upon the best construction: buying, renting, exhibiting or commissioning?


Our advice connects two important starting points: the quality of the art and the distinctive features of an organisation or area. That is why we aim at formulating the art policy in dialogue. This way we can also support the communication concerning the chosen policy if necessary.


Alliander manages an art collection counting about 750 objects. Due to different developments in the organisation, Alliander is redefining the composition and use of the collection. QKunst was commissioned by Alliander to make a quick scan of the collection. QKunst also took part in a stakeholders meeting to explore the mutual strength between art and organisation.


This led to an art policy that makes way for a special replacement of the artworks. With QKunst’s recommendation, Alliander selected design agency Trapped in Suburbia to development this placement concept. The connection between past, present and future is key. Communication pays attention to the local character of the collection. The concept is currently being implemented in all of the Alliander offices.

Local Rabobanks

QKunst is preferred partner of Rabobank Kunstzaken (Rabobank art department) for art-related advice to local banks concerning art purchases and commissions. Currently, a large number of local banks is merging and reorganizing. This has consequences for these banks’ art collections. In order to get more insight in these collections, QKunst is working on inventories for the banks that are going through these processes.


With these inventories in mind, QKunst developed a collection management application. This application allows QKunst to give access to a great deal of information concerning a collection and to provide detailled reports. It also allows for a collection to be searched easily. The application is being continuously further developed to increase user friendliness.

Province of South Holland

The Province of South-Holland has an extensive art collection. The works are on display at the office on Zuid-Hollandplein 1. With rebuilding plans and changes within the organisation in view, the Province wanted to develop a position on the collection. To achieve this, the extensive art collection needed to be inventoried and digitalised. The province asked QKunst to do this.


For the inventory, all provincial artworks were described and photographed in the different locations of the Province and the depots. 1100 works were inventoried. The inventory was handed over with a series of recommendations. QKunst currently manages the implementation of the developed art policy.